Interworks - Power Tools for Tableau 

Power Tools for Tableau

Tableau is the clear choice when it comes to data visualization and analysis. It revolutionizes the way people work with their data. With such a dynamic product, it’s hard to believe that working with your data could get any better. Well, we’re here to tell you: 

It gets much better.

We’re in the business of understanding everything there is to know about Tableau, especially when it comes to helping others use the software. Tableau obviously enables users to create a plethora of amazing workbooks, but managing all this awesomeness isn’t as easy as it should be. That’s why we’ve been working diligently on tools that make workbook management, among other things, a breeze! 


Workbook Tools for Tableau

With Workbook Tools for Tableau, batch and automated interactions with Tableau workbooks are finally possible. Managing your workbooks just got a lot easier. Here are some key features we’ve included:

  • Workbook Merge
  • Style Management
  • Data Source Auditing
  • Best Practice Analyzer

Find out more at the Workbook Tools for Tableau page.

Workbook SDK for Tableau

The Workbook Software Development Kit (SDK) gives you batch, automated and programmatic access to Tableau workbooks.

Find out more at the Workbook SDK for Tableau page.

Enterprise Deployment Tool for Tableau

If you’re like most large organizations, workbook deployment from one environment to another is a painstaking process. The Tableau Enterprise Deployment tools changes all of that. This application goes beyond simply optimizing the deployment process and allows for seamless automation, auditing and batch functions across different environments. 

Find out more at the Enterprise Deployment Tool for Tableau page.